Congregational Administrator


Naoma’s Notes


As I sit here writing this entry, its Sunday morning and religious education is having their Splash Party outside the windows of the office. I love how happy the kids are – and how simple their fun is. Isn’t it delightful that we get to be a part of a community which provides such safe, innocent spaces for our youth to grow and develop? I sure am thankful for my part in this church.

This spring, Administration was able to formalize a mission statement! It is: To create and maintain sustainable administration at the church.

How do I go about doing this? By mindfully creating and maintaining structures and mechanisms that facilitate a sense of belonging, fellowship and community.

I am inspired to follow the example of these playful kiddos just outside and accomplish the Admin mission by remaining playful and agile this summer! Past experience at the church has taught me me that Facilities demand a lot of my attention during the summer months, so I have set aside time in my yearly work flow to allow for the seasonal focus on facilities. Things are bound to break, grow incredibly quickly, or need fixing up before the fall brings us back together again. This year, I will also be preparing for the departure of the Rev. Sue Redfern-Campbell and the arrival of the Rev. Xolani Kacela. I’ll finalize the Congregational Administrator Handbook, Volunteer Handbook, Standard Operating Procedures, Aesthetics Guidelines, and church Graphics Standards. And while my husband is spending time with his “fictive kin” in Vanuatu, I’ll be exercising some child-like delight and will head out on two road-trip expeditions – one at the end of June and one in July.

Each of you is also invited to follow our kids’ example – and keep it simple! Please come by and see the different volunteer opportunities that I have ready, and that might fit your interests. We have opportunities for volunteers to update welcome packets, develop “about us” and “Social Justice at UUCLC” trifolds, to work on financial entries and money counting, help us maintain an up-to-date corporate binder, maintain the library, hang plaques, or folding and stuffing the order of service. And in the (entirely likely) case that none of these suit your fancy – l’d love to hear your ideas and interests and see what we can do together.

Let’s keep it simple, sustainable – and full of fun, love and joy–

Naoma Staley, Congregational Administrator

If you are interested in being a part of the Facilities Committee, would like to learn more about the project prioritization process, or is simply interested in seeing the full priorities list, please contact me! Email:, or (575) 552-7281.