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Catherine Massey

MUSIC NOTES, by Catherine Massey

Looking back at Music Notes from the past, I found this one from April, 2011 that might come in handy at this time:

“Considering that we all seem to be living in stressful times right now, it might be good to review what music can do.  One thing I plan to do more often is toning.  Just lie on the floor or sit comfortably in a calm setting and sing one note on one syllable meditatively, breathing deeply when you need to.  If you feel like switching notes or syllables, do it.  Try it for about two to five minutes.  This increases endorphins, lowers blood pressure and I’ve been told the other physical benefits are equivalent to those gained by 20 minutes of silent meditation…

Singing might just save your life.

“Singing has many physical benefits, including boosting one’s immune system.  Sing in the choir, sing on Sunday mornings, sing along with your radio or just sing in the shower.  Singing is an expression of joy, so don’t hold back!  I have noticed that no matter how my day has gone, I feel better every time I spend an evening singing at rehearsals for the Mesilla Valley Chorale.

“Singing might just save your life.  I had a friend who encountered a mother bear in the Gila wilderness years ago and who escaped a dicey situation by singing to her!  My partner, Tammy, and other cyclists riding in Glacier National Park territory sing while they ride to let grizzlies know humans are approaching.  Perhaps singing can also just chase away bad vibes, too, but at the least you’ll ward off bear attacks.

Listen to good music and relax.

“Listening to good music is just a great way to relax.  Whatever you love to hear, find some time to just sit and listen. It can be calming and inspiring.  Music is a universal language.  People from all over the world, from many cultures, can come together to make music and seemingly transcend what divides us through this medium.  This makes me think peace is possible, and gives me hope for our world.

“However you connect with music, don’t forget it has the power to help us through our hardest times.”

Catherine Massey, Director of Music
UUMN Credentialed Music Leader