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Catherine Massey
Catherine Massey

Music Notes

Recently I received in the mail a lovely postcard reminding me of the holiday worship services coming up throughout December.  We are planning excellent music for each of these, with many opportunities for carol singing, and special music from David and Nancy Carlson and the choir.  We hope to share music that makes you sing through the season, lightens your days, and deepens your connection to our community.

Recently I received in the mail a lovely postcard reminding me of the holiday worship services coming up throughout December.

These winter holiday seasons are hectic for most people, and no less so for church musicians and worship leaders.  Self-care is important for all of us at this time. Hearing music that feeds my soul is part of my self-care.  Sometimes this food for the spirit arises without my planning it.  One unexpected treat was seeing Unitarian Universalist composer Rev. Jason Shelton and his Portara Ensemble of Nashville on the Country Music Awards.  They sang “Love Wins” with Carrie Underwood.  A heads-up on Facebook got me to tune in to a show I would have missed otherwise, and I was so proud to know someone to a great degree responsible for that awesome performance.

I have some special, planned experiences in store for me personally that are sure to inspire and motivate me in what I do musically.  We have tickets to Hamilton in Chicago!  Listening and singing along to the soundtrack has been my spiritual practice this fall (a departure from singing chants by Mary Grigolia or in Hindi—I’m serious) and a great source of energy for me.  I can’t even say how much I am looking forward to being there (in the room where it happens).

We had planned to go to Dave Koz’s (jazz saxophonist) Christmas show at the Plaza in El Paso.  He always has a fabulous lineup of guest artists, and a well-produced, varied show.  We have missed it the past few years because his concert has been on Tuesdays, choir rehearsal night, but this year it is a Thursday.  Just before tickets went on sale, I discovered he would be at the Chicago Theatre the weekend we are there for Hamilton.  So we will hear him there, and I believe I will be musically sated.  Just in time to help our congregation enjoy and cope with all of the holidays we observe this month.

Catherine Massey, Director of Music
UUMN Credentialed Music Leader