Our Minister

In a Year of Living in Las Cruces

♦A green chile cheeseburger is a thing!

♦How to bake a cheesecake (caramel, Grasshopper, and ultimate) and Japanese sponge cake.

♦Clapping in church doesn’t have to be a thing.

♦You can’t escape Cowboys fans no matter where you go, especially if you live with one!

♦How to hunt. Thanks, Dave Carlson.

♦You can’t catch fish in a dry river.

♦It gets cold in this camp! They didn’t tell me that during search.

♦It takes a year to be able to run 3 miles straight through without running out of breath.

♦Buying prescription Oakley sunglasses beats those over-the-frame sun shields any day. Sorry Haney.

♦Exchanging the ocean and beach in Tampa for the mountains in Las Cruces is a sweet deal.

♦Unitarian Universalists in Las Cruces are the best!

Merry Christmas!

Rev. xk

Community Quick Hits

NOTE: We will have only one service on Sunday, Dec 1st and 29th. Both services will be at 10:30 AM.

  1. We have upgraded the exterior electrical outlets on the buildings to make them lockable and prevent unauthorized use. If you need the outlets unlocked while you’re on campus, please see Cheri or Brandon for a key. Be sure to re-lock the cover and return the key when you’re finished.
  2. We are installing an outdoor USB-ready charging station for cell phones and other chargeable devices. The charging station will be located in the breezeway between the sanctuary and the Education Building. The charging station will be available to the public, too, as a way of extending hospitality to our neighbors that pass through the campus. If you see a visitor using the charging station, please extend a welcome. Be on the lookout for the charging stations soon.
  3. In our effort to connect with New Mexico State University students, Rev. Kacela met with the Director of Campus Activities. He’s asked that we encourage our church members who are faculty or staff to help us create a Unitarian Universalist interest group on campus. We need 10 students in our interest group in order to be a member of the NMSU Interfaith Council. If you are faculty or staff, please email Trudy Gallegos (trudy@uuchurchlc.org) so she can add you to our roster.