Our Minister

Before you know it, another holiday season will be upon us. Next, we’ll be faced with creating a new set of New Year’s resolutions. Don’t let the new year catch you looking back with regret for not accomplishing what you set out to do at the beginning of 2019.

Act now to get your goals for 2019 accomplished.

I’ve been reading a fascinating book titled Principles by Ray Dalio. I consider it a real game-changer. It is broken down into two parts: Life Principles and Work Principles. He offers one overarching principle that I find very helpful.

He writes: Think for yourself to decide 1) what you want, 2) what is true, and 3) what you should do to achieve #1 in light of #2, and do that with humility and open-mindedness so that you consider the best thinking available to you.

I believe Unitarian Universalists can appreciate these words of counsel because we are committed to transformation and truthfulness. Ultimately, I believe accepting the truths before us is the key to ending much of our suffering.

There three months left in 2019 to get what you want done. Be realistic and adjust, as necessary. Try to find some joy in what you do.


Rev. xk