From Our Minister

Summer is a Time for Change This Year

Summer is normally a time that things slow down in the UU world. People go on vacation and stop coming to church regularly. This summer is different. Our ministry context has changed drastically and we will not be congregating in-person.

We, as a congregation and staff, need to adjust our work to accommodate the changes. I’ve asked each program staff member (admin, music, RE, and volunteers) to develop at least two new ideas and/or goals that reflect the new tasks required for accomplishing our mission, which has not changed.

Next month, we will gather and compare ideas and create an implementation plan to meet the challenges ahead. For example, we have already replaced a childcare position with a technology position to help manage our Zoom church opportunities.

My challenge to all members, especially lay leaders, is to review your ministry areas and do the same type of visioning. Determine what you must do differently to meet your committee’s mission and vision. Discuss with your team and figure out how you’ll implement the changes.

This summer, we all must pay attention to the challenges coming down the tracks. Former Supreme Court Justice, Thurgood Marshall, once said, “The light at the end of the tunnel may be an oncoming train.” If that is the case, we need to get on the other set of tracks. All aboard, my friends. Hang on for an unpredictable journey!

Summer is here. We’ll see you on Zoom.

Rev. “xk” Kacela, Ph.D., Minister

Unitarian Universalist Church of Las Cruces


I am working behind the scenes to formulate a proper response to the George Floyd killing, which resulted from police brutality inflicted by Minneapolis Police Dept officer, Derek Chauvin. This death and the resulting protests are weighing heavily on our hearts and minds. My sense is the problem is complex and demands protests, holding police departments accountable, and breaking down structures of oppression, racism, and white supremacy. Each task is extremely difficult and usually requires years of continuous, well-coordinated effort. There is no overnight solution or magic bullet.

I encourage you to follow your conscience in making the appropriate response. Be as engaged as you can, whether by prayer/meditation, writing to elected officials, attending vigils, seeking to understand, etc. We will find a way to stay in the fight for justice for black and brown people throughout our communities. And, we will do it in love, the highest and most difficult virtue and aspiration.