Our Minister

I offer sincere gratitude to Susan Freudenthal for her 13 years of service to the UUCLC. Susan is a person dedicated the Unitarian Universalist faith and growing young people’s UU identity. Her legacy of service and love will live on in the congregation through the families and children that her ministry touched and staff who enjoyed working with her. We wish her and family the best as they transition to the next phase of life.

I also am grateful for Paige Ramsey’s service to our Faith Formation Program. Paige, who worked as an assistant, is leaving to pursue her master’s degree in Colorado. She’s a brilliant young woman with a bright future ahead of her. I’m confident that she will continue to shape lives and carry Unitarian Universalist values into the world.

Briefly, our plan is to conduct a search for a new Director of Religious Education over the next year and hire by next August. It could happen sooner. But, I’d like the congregation to gain a clear vision of what today’s families and children desire from religious education. Then, use that vision for our search process.

We’ll be surveying former and current families and inviting UU staff to help us create a profile for our next Faith Formation Program leader. In the meantime, let’s all pull together and support our families and children with love and care.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!
Rev. Kacela