Board President

President Ilene Steele


Hello to everyone! I hope you are all well and even flourishing during this time of shelter at home.  I find I am getting projects accomplished, cooking and baking more and having time for introspection (my brain hurts).  A few weeks ago Dave and I added another dog to our family pack.  We call him Rufus.  He was abandoned along with several other dogs by a family who moved out of state.  He had been an “outside” dog and he’s learning how to live in the luxury of our home.  Civilizing him keeps us busy.  But he is sweet and intelligent and we love him already.

Meanwhile, the Board of Trustee’s business carries on.  We were pleased to have several congregants attend our Zoom meeting on April 15th.  We encourage everyone who would like to attend to do so.  We spent a good part of our meeting time discussing the financial position of the church during this pandemic.  There was spirited discussion!  The Board agreed to pursue an application to the Paycheck Protection Program.  I am happy to report that we were funded on April 20, 2020 in the amount of $44,964.  This amount will be forgiven if we use it correctly (and of course we will).

We appointed Jan Thompson as a delegate to the UUA General Assembly.  We have more openings for delegates if you are interested.  GA will be a virtual meeting held June 24-28.  The Board also appointed two new members to the Committee on Ministry:  Joan Pipkins and Karen Mitchell.  A big thank you to them for serving.

The phone tree is ongoing and I hope it continues after this crisis.  Reach out to each other!  If you feel distressed, call me or Katie Fitzgerald of the caring committee.  With the loving support of our community, we will come through this.

Stay well.  Wash your hands!

Thank you all for your support,
Ilene Steele, President, Board of Directors