Board of Trustees

President Charlie Scholz

Fine Tuning

Churches require constant maintenance and upkeep, and what I call, Fine Tuning. We look at the areas that are out of sync with the Vision and Mission of the Church and try to being them back in line. We adjust the programming and the personnel to meet the current needs of the Congregation. Fine Tuning is one of those time
consuming and sometimes tedious jobs. But it needs to be done in order to make the Church work at its very best.

I was reminded of this concept during the past two weeks in which I rebuilt the gates to our yard. These are metal framed and plywood covered pieces, that I designed and built about ten years ago. Over time the original plywood delaminated and some of the trim weathered and started to rot. So I tore it down to the bare metal frame and used my woodworking skills to restore it.

Although I did a trial fit of all the new wood before painting it, when it was finished and re-installed, I discovered that the two pieces interfered slightly with each other. So I have to do a little Fine Tuning. I’ll get out my rasp and shave off those spots that don’t quite fit. And I’ll touch up the paint.

Of course, when I’m finished with my gate, it will be done. But the Fine Tuning that we’re doing here at the church is an ongoing process. It’s part of the Journey we are all on.

I’ll see you in Church, Charlie Scholz, Board of Trustees President