Let Justice Roll Down Like Waters (Amos 5.24)


Update on Hospitality for Asylum Seekers

MANY THANKS to everyone—over 30 of you!—who volunteered your time, talent, and treasure last month in support of asylum seekers receiving hospitality from the Border Servant Corps (BSC) at Peace Lutheran Church. What an amazing outpouring! In December, UU volunteers provided two dinners for refugee groups and our members made an enormous donation of new, in-the-package underwear and other supplies. Additionally, several members have helped manage the donations that are flooding in to Peace Lutheran, and we’ve received some generous cash donations.

Here’s what we’ll be doing in January:

  • Undies Sunday on Sunday, January 6 (new in-the-package underwear in small sizes for men, women, children)
  • A meal during the January 8-10 period; exact date to be determined after the holidays
  • A meal during the January 22-24 period; exact date to be determined after the holidays
  • Please watch the NUUs for announcements.

For information about Undies Sunday, please contact Gillian Leng.

To sign up to help with a meal, or to volunteer in some other capacity, please contact Susan Bagby.

To learn about specific needs for supplies and volunteers, contact BSC at info@borderservantcorps.org or click the DONATE  tab at http://www.borderservantcorps.org to access their Amazon wish list. Your donations are most helpful when they target specific identified needs.

Thank You From Animal Activists

This is a message of gratitude to church members and friends for your amazing generosity, purchasing holiday gift boxes with your donations.  Your support means a lot with the proceeds (over $200 total!) shared with the church’s social justice work and the Humane Society of Southern New Mexico helping animals in need. Many thanks!! Jean Gilbert- member, UUCLC & HSSNM

Martin Luther King – Day of Work

Plans are under way to celebrate MLK Day with a Day of Work in January, 2019. If you would like to volunteer and participate contact Carla Campbell.