Spiritual Odyssey: Dick Bagby

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Sun, Jul 14, 2019
9:00 am--9:45 am



As a young person, I joined my family in accepting the teachings of the Presbyterian Church we attended. I didn’t know what those teachings were, but I was certain they had to be right. That was part of the privilege I grew up with; I could assume that what my parents did and believed was universally acceptable. As long as almost everyone I had contact with attended the same church, that worked well and I had no reason to question it. Eventually I learned that I had friends with different beliefs and they saw their own beliefs much as I saw mine; absolute truth is not likely to be found in anyone’s beliefs. In order to have confidence in your own religious beliefs you need values that they are in tune with. While I wasn’t at all sure it was proper to question religious beliefs, I felt that values could be questioned and judged on their merits.  Happily I’ve found the Unitarian Universalist Church to be a good place to develop sound values.