Community Quick Hits


Short Updates for the Church Community by Rev. XK
Nachison departure – People are asking why the Nachisons resigned their membership in the church. Unfortunately, Jerry disagreed with our perspective on programming. We hold them in our hearts. If you ever consider leaving the church, I hope you first will make an appointment to visit with me. Let’s resolve differences and remain in covenant with one another.

Auction – A big shout-out to all persons contributed services and events to our annual auction. Be sure to place your bid for Tamara’s and my auction items. Show love for the church! Bid high!

Social Justice community-wide project – Wait for it, wait for it…it’s coming soon. Be on the lookout for an announcement from the Social Justice Committee. We’re looking for full church participation!

Religious Education Building – We are working feverishly to clean up the odor in the Religious Education Building that seems to be a result of the new roofing. If you discover a blower running, it is for reducing the odor. There is no health risk by being in the building.

Lobby water – Although the water has an odor, it has been tested and found healthful. The odor results from lack of use of water taps. We need more activities in the building to relieve this problem!

Remember! Love in all you do!