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Words from our Minister, congregational President, Director of Religious Education, and Director of Music

Music and Choir

Music Notes

MUSIC NOTES, by Catherine Massey

Recently Cathy Carver tagged me on Facebook with a satirical Lutheran article entitled “Hundreds Hospitalized After New Hymn Introduced in Church.” The article begins, “Hundreds were hospitalized and scores more traumatized for life in the wake of a disastrous hymn … read more.

President Charlie Scholz

President Charlie Scholz

Now it’s Up to Us To Dream Big and Dream Fast

I would like to thank Finance Chair Dick Bagby and his committee for their work on the 2019 Budget proposal. They consulted with the Committee Chairs as well as the Program Directors to … read more.

The Minister

One of my favorite songs is by the Pet Shop Boys, titled “My October Symphony.” The opening lyrics are: So much confusion / When autumn comes around / What to do about October / How to smile behind a frown? / It’s hard to settle … read more.

Religious Education

R.E. Matters

Faith Formation for All Ages

Expanding Love, Building Identity, Exploring Beliefs

Faith Formation, a not so new concept in religious education circles, has been adopted by many Christian and Unitarian Universalist congregations.  It has been shown to increase meaningful participation throughout the life of a church and its … read more.

Tombaugh Gallery

Call for artists for 2019 shows

The Valley and Its People








The Tombaugh Gallery proudly presents “The Valley and Its People”, an exhibit featuring Jeri Desrochers’ oil paintings and Diana LeMarbe’s sculptures. There will be a reception on Sunday, October 7, 11:30 to 1:00, with artist … read more.