Church Leaders

You have been telling me that you want to improve the communications process at the church. Your opinion is important, so I’ve been searching for ways to help us evolve to a highly-communicative leadership team. You’ll appreciate that I’ve found a dynamite podcast episode that will help us move forward. It’s really awesome and inspiring, and has some very doable strategies. If each one of you listens to this podcast and begins implementing the suggestions, I’m confident that we can go to the next level of communicating well with one another and to our teams!

It will only take 15 minutes of your time and you can even download it to your phone and listen to it as you drive, workout, whatever.

WANTED – Lay Service Leaders, Service Associates, and Service Assistants

The Sunday Services Committee is seeking NEW FACES to assist with Sunday worship services.  If you haven’t participated in a service for a while, or if you have never done so but are interested in giving it a try, hesitate no longer! Contact either Haney Pearson or Maggie Locatelli (co-chairs of the Sunday Service Committee). They will be glad to give you more information.

Three different levels of involvement are outlined below. Training for volunteers for ALL of the positions outlined below will occur on Saturday, February 23rd,  9 AM until noon. There will be reminders closer to the February 23rd date.

Service Leader (SL)

A lay Service Leader, approved by the Sunday Service Committee, is responsible for developing and coordinating a service when the Minister is absent from the pulpit. The Service Leader coordinates with others, e.g., the directors of religious education and music, musicians, and either a Service Associate or Service Assistant, etc., to ensure that all elements of the Sunday worship service are addressed. The SL delivers the main message of the service and assigns other parts of the service to an assistant. The SL is responsible for all parts of the worship service.

The Sunday Services Committee has recently defined two types volunteers to assist in worship.  Either a Service Assistant OR a Service Associate will support the Minister or a lay Service Leader in every service.

Service Associate (SASS)

A Service Associate, identified by the Sunday Service Committee, will collaborate with the Minister or other service leader in preparing the worship service. The SASS will be contacted by the Service Leader about two weeks prior to the service in order to begin collaborating. The SASS may be asked to present readings or perform other tasks determined by the service leader. The SASS may agree to independently research the topic of the service, or offer their own thematically relevant perspectives, reflections, insights or readings. This material will be discussed and agreed upon with the Minister or Service Leader.  The SASS is likely to meet more than once and engage in email and phone contact with the Minister or Service Leader prior to the service. The SASS is usually responsible for independent research and writing.

Service Assistant (SANT)

A Service Assistant, identified by the Sunday Service Committee, is responsible for assisting the Minister, a Guest Speaker, or a Service Leader in delivering Sunday worship service(s). The SANT will be contacted by the service leader about 2 weeks prior to the service in order to review what the service will include and to clarify the SANT’s accountability for certain components of the service. The SANT is not responsible for any independent research or writing.