We Are Looking for a Few Good UUs!

You are a person who loves being a Unitarian Universalist. You revel in the nickname “UU.” You relish being an outlier, someone who thinks freely and carves out your own path. You may be the odd person out in your family because you chose to follow your instincts about your religious identity. In other words, you decided that you’d do your own thing even though your parents and siblings stayed the “traditional” course.

On the other hand, you may not be the first to speak up when everyone goes around the room and declares their religious denomination. In fact, you probably will say, “I’m a UU,” but will not define that out loud. Is that you?

Well, you are a the good UU that we’re looking for. Here’s your chance to break the silence! Become a part of the UUCLC Walking Campaign. Our mission is to get to know our neighbors and let our neighbors know who we are.

If you’re are interested in pioneering this newly-created UUCLC team, please email: On the Subject Line, type: walking campaign.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Sermons On-line

Did you know that you can listen to many of Rev. Xolani’s sermons on-line? If you missed one of his sermons or just want to refresh your memory on one of the important topics he covers, then click on the Sermons tab of our website.

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